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 With over 30 years of live on-stage experience as a nationally headlining comedian and stage, improv and sketch actor, I have a broad range of experiences to draw from.


I also:


  • Studied and taught at the world-renown Lee Strasburg Institute

  • Have a science background and am fluent in scientific and medical terminology

  • Specialize in dialects and accents

  • Narrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for the New York Times reviewed IOS app, The Alice App

  • Won Cable Ace award for comedy

  • Have Studied French, Hebrew, and Russian

  • Trained interviewers for Steven Spielberg’s SHOAH Foundation

  • Created the role of Steve in the Tony nominated play, Looped, starring Valerie Harper

  • Have a professional studio setup at home (Whisperroom, Focusrite ISA One Digital, AU Apollo Twin MK II, Sennheiser MKH 416, Blue Mouse)


I’m an avid reader and an even more avid listener of audiobooks, both fiction and non-fiction. Bottom line: I love telling stories and sharing information.

Audiobook Testimonials:


Thank you for your fantastic work once again. I also really appreciate the new voice of Rake…it is perfect! You have been instrumental in bringing audio life to this series. We and our customers are absolutely thrilled with your work. I hope we can work on future projects together.

-Author, Chuck Black


What about Michael Orenstein’s performance did you like?

The whole performance was exceptional. It kept my entire family on the edge of their seats!

-M. Holmes


This was a good story and it really showcases Karl Michaels voice talent. He was masterful with his different characterizations. He's a great narrator. I quite enjoyed this story and especially the telling of it.



Great story!

Everything was done and spoken very well. I never wanted to stop listening to this.



What about Karl Michaels’s performance did you like?

could listen to him all day long-

-Emmi R


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